Vibha India Team

India Executive Team

The Board of Directors

Vijay Vemulapalli


Sasi Challa Tadepalli
Sasi Challa Tadepalli

Board Member

Ron Victor - Chairman – United States
Ron Victor

Board Member

Ebenezer Vidyasagar

Board Member

Operations Team – India
Deep Ranjani Rai

Program Director

Vibha Team -Maryma Scotlin - Operation Team India
Maryma Scotlin

Director, CSR, South India

Jyoti Wadmare - Project Manager - Vibha Inida
Jyoti Wadmare

Program Director

Arti Singh

Senior Program Manager

Rahul Ranjan

Program Manager

Veeranarayana Tanneru

Program Manager

Annmary Jacob

Associate Program Manager, CSR

Munish Kaushik

Director, Vibha Delhi PMU

Anil Saini

Director, Government Relations

Alok Rai

Program Manager, Vibha Delhi PMU

Shalini Choudhary

Program Manager, Vibha Delhi PMU

Vibha Action
Centers in India

Get in touch with our Action Centers in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Pune. If you are from these cities, you can go to their respective web page and sign up as a volunteer. If not, please sign up as a Volunteer from your city.

Vibha is actively developing action centers in India. Currently, we have started the following action centers.

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